Non-NHS Fees

We aim to return the following within 10 working days
Patient Medical information letter (to whom it may concern, support for benefits, etc) £25
Private Sick note/Free from infection £20
Holiday Cancellation (Simple) £25
Simple Cert of fact (fit to travel, health club, etc) £30
Sickness/Accident (simple Cert) £20
BUPA/Provident Association form £28-£58
Criminal Injuries report on Victim £39
Extract from records (short 15min) £57
Firearms Licence Report £100
Power of Attorney Witnessing – no exam £30
Fitness Report (work, Care home, etc) – no exam £28-£58
Racing/Elderly/Sports/Taxi extract from records £62.50
Fitness Report (work, Care home, etc) – extract from records £62.50
NCC Housing/Homeless Application £25
Solicitors Medical report £55
Adoption/fostering – update £50
Insurance/ Income Protection £26.50
Blue Badge (where patient does NOT meet automatic eligibility £25
We aim to return the following within 15 working days
Holiday Cancellation (complicated) £58
Sickness/Accident (complex pro-forma) £62.50
Pro-Forma Report £80
Racing/Elderly/Sports fitness report without exam £90
Power of Attorney Report with Exam £75
Fitness Report (work, Care home, etc) – complex pro forma / written report – no exam £125
Adoption/fostering £78
OFSTED (Child Minder) £87.50
Insurance/ Income Protection £102
We aim to return the following with 20 working days
Sickness/Accident (with exam) £83.50
Detailed Written Report £128
Racing/Elderly/Sports fitness report with exam £125
Taxi Driver fitness report with exam £90
Pilots Licence – full medical and report £92
Copy of electronic records free
Copy of paper records free
Copy of records – electronic and paper free